Hindu Wedding Mandap decoration

The wedding canopy or mandap is the main point of a Hindu wedding, a sacred and holy structure supported by pillars right under which both the bride and groom are seated, as well as exchange their promises. The four-pillared mandap is believed to represent the four Vedas and four goals of a fulfilled life Artha (Wealth), Dharma (Religious), Moksha (Salvation), and Kama (Desire). The allegory of the wedding canopy goes even further with each pillar said to signify the four parents of the newlywed couple because, without their blessings, love, and support, the holy union would not have done.

Taken as a whole, it is the most sacred site in a wedding ceremony. So, it requires standing out a gorgeous structure where the bride and groom would be married. Keeping all these points in our mind, we offer the most stunning and creative mandap decoration solutions for all kinds of Hindu weddings.